This week, I bought a 1TB Iomega drive for backing up purposes. The family laptop is full of photos (one big mess of course, but that is beside the point) and then there is the Popcorn Hour media center that also stores many files that we really do not want to loose. So, connected the laptop and ran a simple “rsync -avz data/ backup/”, which ran fine for a few hours until it locked up my computer. Froze. Crashed. Had to hard-reset the computer. Of course, no error message of any kind was available. All I found was that it crashed on the CIFS-mounted Popcorn drive. Couldn’t find a specific location where (thinking perhaps rsync had problems with a certain file) though.

Then I set back to previous experiences with CIFS. It sucks. Somehow, it is very hard to create a system or protocol to simply share files over a network. I actually often use SSHFS, because the SSH protocol is rock-solid (one of the few connection-based protocols that actually survive a loss of physical connections, kudos to the designers and implementors). Based on those experiences, I tried to mount the Popcorn drive using NFS. And guess what? The rsync runs fine and is syncing my files as I write this.

So, for me: CIFS is done. I don’t want to use it anymore. NFS FTW!

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