Yay! It is here. After a month or two of quietness, another release of oculus, the easy server monitor. I implemented the alarm features in a alarm plugin. The following commands are added: ALLS (ALarm LiSt), ALST (ALarm SeT) and ALRM (ALarm ReMove). The alarm framework is not done yet, because alarms do not survive a daemon restart. But, as Linus already said: release early and release often. So here goes.

I also added a little change to the command line parsing. When a sentence is quoted by double qoutes, it takes that whole sentence as a single string. This is useful mostly to plugin writers, as they are able now to fetch a ‘message’ from the commandline. The alarm framework uses it, so that’s why I implemented it.

More info on the oculusd page.

Want to download it? Get oculusd 0.13 here.


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