I got LibreOffice working on SuSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. There is no repository available, so you will have to do with the community installer. Download, unpack and install all the RPMs. When you use the provided instructions, it didn’t work for me, and I got the following error: “iso resource could not be loaded by SfxApplication”. Not much help about it on Google, so I struggled a little harder, trying to reinstall LibreOffice. During that, it seemed like rpm didn’t correctly install all RPMs. Some were not installed but installed, others I couldn’t delete because they were alreayd installed (yes, this sounds weird, it felt that way when I tried to reinstall the program). So, to wrap up, I used a little shell scripting to make sure it worked (run in the RPMS/ dir of the unpacked file):

for RPM in `ls *.rpm`; do sudo rpm -Uvh $RPM; done

This installed all the necessary extra packages and LibreOffice is now running on my machine.

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sles · Friday May 27th, 2011 at 04:14 AM

You installed on SLED version?

SLED10 work or not.

I used SLED11 SP1 and upgraded from novell repos. It worked.


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