1. They oversimplify things, you can not pack a successful business / career / interview in 10 simple rules. If you could, everyone would be successful and not everyone is; hence they are nonsense.
  2. They are basically adverts, they often end in “Dude McDudeson is the author of ‘Be Branson overnight’ or some other business nonsense tripe.
  3. They are not true, most of the time a list like “10 reasons why Branson is successful”, will help you nothing, because there are a zillion other reasons not mentioned in the list. Most notably luck, correct timing and hard work.
  4. Do not try to learn from the big guys, as a three-person business with a yearly turnover of 150k€, it is stupid to try to learn from the big guys. Try to learn from the successful little guys. They are in your own neighborhood, get inspired there, not on LinkedIn from Jobs and Gates.
  5. They often don’t apply to you. Every business is different. Rules that made some people successful can be detrimental to your situation.
  6. They are backwards-looking. For every success out there, there are thousands of failures. Of course the successful ones did something right, but it is hard to put your finger on it. The first person to correctly predict a success has yet to be born.

Bart Friederichs is the author of this blog and an entrepreneur in the Netherlands. He has not published any books at all.

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