After some playing around with my Nokia N900, I decided to make my own GPS tracker. Mainly to use it for running, because I couldn’t find a good one in repositories. (Come to think of it, I never checked the Ovi Store…) And here it is! First release, but I have the feeling it is mature enough to get a 1.0 version number. Installing it is easy, just copy the files to a folder on your N900 and use the X Terminal to start it ( You will need PySide and QtMobility installed. See for installation instructions.


  • Written in Python using the PySide Qt  bindings.
  • Export track and placemark data in KML files; import them directly into Google Earth and Google Maps.

There is no official project page yet, just the download here. I’ll have to package it eventually.

So, here it is: forrest-1.0.tar.gz

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