MammothCopy is a simple, Java based tool to copy big or many files from one computer on the Internet, directly to another. This could also be possible with tools like WinSCP and a SSH server, but those are too complex for normal users. MammothCopy is geared towards parents wanting to send photos to their kids, professionals that want to transfer huge files (only limited to the receiving end’s hard disk space).


  • Java based, so relatively easy to run on multiple operating systems (success has been reported on Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.10),
  • single-window user interface,
  • MD5 integrity checking,
  • resume support,
  • UPnP support to ‘punch holes’ in modern routers.

Caveats (as of version 0.4)

  • Unpolished user interface,
  • MD5 hashing on whole file, this can freeze the UI during setup with big files,
  • plain text protocol.


See here for documentation. Or check out the blog posts.







Release notes – 0.4

  • Implemented progress bar on receiving side
  • Updated protocol to receive number of files in HS telegram
  • Implemented command line arguments

Release notes – 0.3

  • Implemented progress bar on sending side.
  • Implemented multiple file support.

Release notes – 0.2

  • Implemented big file support.
  • Implemented base protocol.
  • Implemented UPnP support.

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