I have just been hacking together a little GeoLocation data plugin. It uses hostip.info to track your IP to a location and registers that. I wanted to have it, because the WP Stats do not give me any location data… so I hacked it up myself. Write now, version 0.1 and very rudimental, it just write one line in a (hardcoded) file, with time, request uri, city and country and the IP address. My intention is to make it a real plugin, and also whip up a nice Google Maps mashup with it. Oh yeah, it does the lookup every call. Not very nice perhaps on the traffic, but that is all to be optimised later.

More to follow soon.

Update 20 feb 2010: As a friend suggested, it probably already exists. And he was right: the visitor maps plugin. So, I installed it, it adds also a “who’s online” side bar and I created a visitor maps page. So, no more programming this thing for me, more will come probably on the Popcorn Hour (I have some more ideas), the MammothCopy program, and I have started hacking my Nokia N900 internet tablet.

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