This morning I had the idea to create an online marketplace using LinkedIn. A lot of people use that network and are just ‘on’ it. No actions, no reactions. So, I was thinking, what if people could tell eachother two things: what they want (demand) and they have (supply). All businesses are there to do business, right? All people have to do is tell the marketplace what they need and what they can provide. The marketplace can then try to match people within their own networks.

To do so, I started playing a little with LinkedIn’s API and figured out how it worked tonight. Next step is to create a website where people can log on and link their LinkedIn account to it. The ‘Marketplace’ application will then fetch these people’s connections and see if they have any supply or demand to satisfy.

So, away with forums, away with browsing through your connections to maybe find a person that might be able to help you. Let The Marketplace do that for you!

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